Six reasons why you should wait until marriage


For a long time, there have been debates on the appropriate time to have sex. Let’s just say, everyone has an opinion about it.

Many argue that having sex before marriage does not affect you in any way while others say that it does. Those that support the ‘wait until marriage’ stance have many reasons as to why this is the best and should be the only option couples should choose.

Here are some reasons why you should wait until you say ‘I do.’

1. There’s more relationship security in marriage

In the event of unforeseen events such as pregnancy, you’re assured of more support when you are married than when you’re not. It’s not uncommon for couples to fall out leaving either the man or woman to parent alone. In most cases, when you’re married, the two have committed to staying together through the good times and the bad, and they’ve promised to raise their children together. Thus, waiting until marriage gives you the security of being a more stable union.

2. It is a sign of honour

Even though you haven’t met a lifelong partner yet, it’s best to honour them altogether. When you preserve yourself and keep yourself pure, it shows that you respect yourself first and foremost, and your future spouse. When your life partner finally comes around and you commit to one another permanently, you will be able to have a deeper, long-lasting connection with them.

3. Sex before marriage clouds judgement

Relationships come with their own ups and downs. When sex is thrown in the mix, it can become difficult to remain objective when it comes to problems in the relationship. Many couples tend to push these issues aside until it’s too late and they blow up. Waiting until marriage opens up your eyes and you are able to truly appreciate each other for who they are without distractions.

4. It saves you the regret

For most women, sex is more than just a physical connection. Add to that the fact that it can cloud your judgement, having sex before marriage could result in regrets when you open your heart to the wrong person.

Also, having sex before marriage with different partners puts you at risk of contracting STDs, HIV and other diseases that no one would want to deal with. Waiting, therefore, saves you from some of these risks and also prevents you from wasting time in meaningless relationships.

5. Sex before marriage can affect you physically

One of the downsides of having sex before marriage is its physical and mental effects. Some studies say that the more partners a woman has, the less she is able to connect and bond with her future spouse. Oxytocin, which is responsible for natural bonding, can reduce with an increase in partners. For this reason, it is better to preserve yourself until marriage in order to solidify your connection with your future spouse.

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